Wonderful Wednesday


Hello, hello!

It’s Wednesday again, hasn’t that just come around so quickly? I’m typing this on Tuesday evening, layered up in soft blankets and with my fleece zipped up to the top so that half of my face and my neck are protected from the draught – it’s flipping freezing here this afternoon. Here’s what’s been making me smile this week …

  1. My lovely other half has a new job – wahoo! We went out for tea on Monday night to celebrate, and had gorgeous pennette Bolognese at Pizza Express. I know, I know, why get pasta at a pizza place? Well, my ultimate favourite Italian has been closed since the floods last December and hasn’t reopened yet, so a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. I live for pasta, and this is made with the richest tomato sauce and the most beautiful steak. It’s really delicious, and even though sometimes I think I could probably get away with being vegetarian, there’s something about eating steak that helps me to have a good night’s sleep! Is that a common thing? Or am I probably slightly iron deficient? If you know, leave me a comment, as I’d love to know why it happens!
  2. Another food post, but really, I’ve made the most delicious lunch the past few days and it would be cruel for me to not share it with you. 6 or 7 mushrooms, sliced and fried in a tiny smidgen of oil until brown, then softened with a spoonful of garlic butter and served on a toasted English muffin. Seasoned with salt and pepper, and maybe a tiny bit of cheese if you fancy it. Oh my goodness. Are you dribbling a little bit at the sound of that, because I am. So quick and easy, and so filling!
  3. I’ve got a bit of a reputation in my house for naps in my house, I just never seem to have had enough sleep, no matter how long a nap I’ve had or how well I slept the night before. Well, I must have been in dire need of sleep this weekend, as i had a full night’s sleep on Sunday night, slept for two hours on Monday afternoon, and then proceeded to sleep for 11 hours last night. I did feel fresh this morning for the first time in a long time, and it was lovely to wake up in clean sheets with nothing on my agenda. I wonder if it’s the change in the seasons? Then again – maybe it was the steak…
  4. When I was at secondary school, we had to memorise a speech about our hometown in French. “J’habite à Carlisle, une ville historique et touristique”. Well, more like pre-historique, as Primark opened in our city this week and it has been crazy. It’s been great for the high street this weekend, but I just had to laugh when I went for my lunch break on Saturday and the queues were out of the door. I have strategically popped in a few times when I thought it would be quiet and picked up a few nice bits and pieces. A bumblebee patterned shirt and some dungarees have been the highlights so far, and I’ve got my eye on a cute pair of slippers for when the draught in our house gets too much to bear!
  5. On Sunday I went to Judy’s Affordable Vintage fair at Rheged and had a lovely time! As much as it’s exciting to have a Primark, there’s more satisfaction to be gained from finding something that nobody else will have! I managed to score a vintage cashmere jumper for £15(!!) that will be gorgeous over the festive period. It’s amazing how well a lot of the pieces have kept over time, and I only wish there was an occasion where it would be appropriate for me to wear a Diana Ross-esque sparkly maxi dress with a massive split up the thigh. Maybe it’s best for all involved that such a occasion doesn’t exist. Hopefully I’ll have a blog post about it soon, I managed to get a few snaps!

Thanks to the creator of Wonderful Wednesday herself , it’s great to share the best bits of my week and read about everyone else’s! Have a #wonderfulwednesday!

Love, Isabelle  X




bluevaserose.jpgHello hello,

Welcome back! I’m on my third blog post of the week if you can blooming well believe that?

#wonderfulwednesday was started by fellow Carlisle blogger Sally and I’m excited to post my first! Here’s what’s made my week utterly splendiferous so far…

  1. I was featured this week on Lizzie Woodman’s lovely Instagram and blog! I’ve been really upping my social media game (or trying, at least) so it was a lovely surprise to see that she had featured one of my photos for the second month in a row! You can follow her @lizzie_woodman,She’s got a seriously beautiful feed and is the creator of the #oneperfectthing community. Don’t be shy now, go and say hello!
  2. Working in a department store means that the C word is just around the corner, and we’ve all been busy little elves preparing for the Christmas gift shop to launch! It’s been tiring but it gives me such satisfaction to have a really full, productive day! I feel like I’m crossing everything off my ever-growing list, and things are really starting to take shape. This time next week it will all be ready, and I can’t ait to see what beautiful cards and trinkets we have on offer this year.
  3. I’ve reignited my love for swimming this week, and I’m feeling the benefits already! Back in June I was swimming 3-4km a week and felt amazing, but somehow I gradually went down to just going once a week and not even doing half a km. Never mind, I’m back in the game and embracing that full body ache, it only means you’re getting stronger, after all. No matter how stressed or worried or bogged down your mind is, when you plop yourself down into that water, all you can think about is staying afloat – I often find that I leave the pool with no recollection of why I had a busy mind in the first place!
  4. A bunch of eucalyptus purchased for pence from the market is adding a fragrance to my room that flowers alone can’t seem to manage – what is it about herbs and foliage that just make you feel so refreshed? I’m loving Crabtree & Evelyn’s Gardener’s hand cream for this reason, it’s so earthy and woody and just makes you pine (badum-tshh) for the outdoors.
  5. National Treasure on Channel 4 – everyone I’ve spoken to isn’t watching this for some bizarre reason. It’s a sensitive topic but the cinematography and plot is just so gripping, I’m a bit gutted that tonight’s episode is 3 of 4, but I’m sure there’s going to be some kind of twist soon, maybe with his old mate? Channel 4, Tuesdays, 9pm. You’ll see what I’m on about.
  6. Now that the nights are closing in, I’m finding that my winter rituals are creeping their way back into my routine too. Bath around 7pm with my gorgeous soap form Keswick, PJs on, and a hot chocolate. I’m not really a coffee drinker, it just makes me too antsy, and I find tea after 6pm keeps me up a lot later than I’d like to be. Hot chocolate in my big Cath Kidston mug with a couple of hobnobs is a little end of the day treat, and one I’m happy to continue as the nights draw ever closer.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my first ever #wonderfulwednesday, I’ve certainly enjoyed writing it!

Love, Isabelle  X