Hello hello,

Welcome to my first craft post! I’m quite the crafty cat and I love to make things, be it knitting, stitching, baking, jewellery making – I always get a Hobbycraft gift voucher for my birthday and Christmas, put it that way.

I also love upcycling and finding new uses for things, so I was very excited to share with you my Christmas themed DIY tea towel cushion cover! It’s so cheap and so easy, all you need to be able to do is sew 2 straight lines – honest! Read on for the full tutorial…


You will need…

A tea towel of choice
A sewing machine/needle and thread
A tape measure
A cushion pad (I get mine from Wilko for less than £1)
Trimmings (Optional)

STEP ONE (only applies if you’re adding trimmings, if not, skip to step 2)


Cut to size and attach your trimmings of choice to the edge that you’d like to be facing outwards. This is adhesive lace from The Range and you literally just peel off the backing and stick it on to your fabric. (Told you it was easy).



Pop your cushion on the middle of your tea towel, which should be facing right side up. Fold each short end up and onto the pillow, as if you’re wrapping it up. It’s very important that you fold up the edge you want facing outwards FIRST, so it’s right when you turn it right side out. When you’ve decided where you want the fabric to sit, pin it in place on one side of the cushion, left or right. Your fabric should look inside out at this point. Then set the cushion aside.



Measure the overlap between each end of fabric. For example, I had 5cm of over lap on this side, so I knew it had to be 5cm on the other side. This helps you to make sure both sides of the cushion are symmetrical. Pin the fabric so that both sides are secure. Your fabric should be inside out to begin stitching.



With your needle & thread or sewing machine, sew a straight line down both sides of your fabric. Note that I sew quite far in to make sure the sides aren’t baggy.



Turn your cushion right side out, pop the cushion pad inside, and voila! A really simple, cheap cushion!

The benefits of using a tea towel are that it’s a decently sized piece of fabric, it’s cheap, and the outer seams are already sewn for you! This would be lovely as a small Christmas gift, or just to brighten up your own house at Christmas time. The cover can be removed and replaced with another seasonal tea towel cover of choice!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I’ve enjoyed writing!

Love, Isabelle  X





Hello hello, how the heck are we?

My post today is on the buzz-word of the moment, the subject of the season, the autumn craze in every lifestyle magazine going – hygge.

What’s that? I hear you ask. Well, hygge (pronounced hoo-gah, I say it like hugger because I think it’s nicer and I never claimed to be Danish anyway) is something that we don’t have a precise word for here in the UK, and is essentially the pursuit of cosiness and inner warmth to help us not to feel as rubbish as we normally would in the colder, darker months.

Imagine fairy lights, candles, a mug of something delicious and great company. That’s hygge. A pair of cosy socks in front of a roaring fire. That tomato soup advert where the girl’s glasses fog up. That (in my opinion) is hygge. It’s about that cosy, warm and safe atmosphere in which you can let your guard down and enjoy the company of friends and family. Speaking in harmony and reminiscing, appreciating the present moment and respecting the people sharing that moment with you. Talking about politics? Go for it – but as soon as it gets heated you’re defeating the object of hygge. Hot drinks > hot heads anyway.  Eat a hearty meal for your tea and savour something sweet afterwards! Light some candles and put your favourite music on, allow yourself to be in the moment and enjoy every second. Pour yourself some cocoa and put your feet up – you know you want to.

Winter is long, and winter is dark. Show yourself some kindness and you may well enjoy it as much as the brighter seasons. Leave me a comment & share your favourite hygge moments!

Love, Isabelle  X