My week in photos



Here’s some of my favourites from Instagram this week! Hopefully this will be a regular post where I can share some of the beauty that’s caught my eye day to day …

  1. I picked up these beautiful clear glass frames from good old M&S this week and love their versatility! They’ve actually got chains on to be hung with, but I’ve been far too lazy to put a nail in the wall… Though I think they look quite effective as they are, don’t you think? The rose print in the larger fame is a card (also from M&S) that I bought to give to someone but couldn’t resist! Botanical prints are quite o trend at the moment, but they’re so blooming expensive to buy, and I’ll be damned if I start cutting up books – utter sacrilege in my opinion!
  2. The lass has only gone and got herself a proper camera. I got a good deal from a friend of my brother who is going travelling and needed the cash, and I have to say I’m already pleased as punch with it. I took it on an outing to the Lakes this weekend for a play with different settings, maybe I’ll publish them on here soon…
  3. Aah, don’t you just love the aromatic scent of sweet peas on a warm, damp summer’s evening? The sweet pea plant in our garden is producing more and more every day, and I have to say, I’m dreading the end of them! Moreso because I’ll actually have to start paying for bunches of blooms rather than embrace the total pleasure that is picking from the allotments and making a little posy by hand.
  4. A ramble by the river was refreshing and relaxing on Thursday, I hunted for ferns and plants to pop in my new frames, and the Mr hunted a boat load of Pokémon. It was a win-win situation! I love the cool feeling that washes over you when you come out of the sunshine and into a tunnel of trees, and the way the light dapples on your cheeks. Hard to believe that in 6 weeks times the leaves will be changing and ready to fall again…
  5. A lady around the corner from me has the most impressive hydrangeas I think I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t know why I’ve never noticed them in years gone by? I’ve passed them for weeks and weeks until I just couldn’t resist, and took a snap or two. Or three.
  6. More flowers from the garden as I am making the most of them before we have another long winter and all I have to tide me over is supermarket flowers. Not that there’s anything wrong with supermarket flowers, I’m not a floral discriminator! There’s just something so lovely about nipping out the back door in your bare feet and snipping and faffing until you have a beautiful little mismatched posy.

Hopefully I’ll be able to make this a regular feature, I do love a bit of Instagram.

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Love, Isabelle


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